Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Austin has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2009, when Mayor Lee Leffingwell signed the declaration and committed to hiring a chief service officer and now continues under Mayor Steve Adler, who has retained the Chief Service Officer role as well. Through the mayor’s leadership and the hard work of the chief service officer, Austin has made an impact in many areas including veterans’ reintegration, sustainability, and neighborhood revitalization. Volunteers have connected returning veterans to job opportunities, addressed the challenges posed to the natural environment by invasive species, and engaged college students in restoring neighborhoods.

To learn more about the great work taking place in Austin, please read the city's service plan, ServeAustin: A Call To Action and visit Austin's website.

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Chief Service Officer

Sly Majid

Sly Majid

In Austin, Chief Service Officer Sly Majid works to increase the quality of life for all Austin residents by enhancing service, volunteerism, philanthropy, and engagement in the community. Through Majid’s efforts, the City of Austin has engaged thousands of citizens in issues ranging from middle school tutoring to veteran support.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Neighborhood Partnering Program

Through its Love Your Block initiative, Austin is engaging student leaders from the University of Texas, educating them about issues facing their community and preparing them to become active partners with community members in restoring economically distressed neighborhoods. Together, the students and the community are clearing vacant lots, creating community gardens and building public structures.  More importantly, the student leaders are building capacity in Austin neighborhoods and fostering strong relationships throughout the community.

"Compassion is part of the fabric of our great city and Austinites embody that every day through their commitment to volunteerism and community service."
Former Mayor Lee Leffingwell


Operation Outreach

Through Operation Outreach and in partnership with the Red Cross, volunteers in Austin have served returning veterans. Veterans have been connected to employment services, housing services, and both physical and mental health services. The initiative also matched veterans with other critical resources like transportation assistance to work, utility payment supports, and vet-to-vet mentoring services. Additionally, the city’s Workforce Solutions Center provided a private space for volunteers and veterans to meet and receive individual support.

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