Bay Area Impact Volunteering Program

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Bay Area Resilience

Through the Bay Area Impact Volunteering Program, Cities of Service is investing in the power of citizen engagement to create more resilient cities in the Bay Area. Made possible by the generous support from the Walmart Foundation, Inc., Cities of Service selected five cities to receive a total of $175,000 and consulting services from Cities of Service to advance local resilience and preparedness efforts. Financial awards range from $25,000 to $50,000 per city to implement volunteering projects that harness the power of local residents to create more resilient communities before, during, and after disaster strikes. This program will strengthen relationships between city leaders and residents and use the Cities of Service Impact Volunteering model, through which mayors and city executives will engage community members to make their cities better able to withstand disasters. Projects range from planting trees to absorb rainwater, to cleaning and maintaining rivers and storm drains to prevent flooding, to visiting and training people with disabilities to prepare for future disasters. 

"Thanks to the Cities of Service grant, we will be able to give more Oakland residents earthquake and emergency preparedness training in the communities where they live as part of our Neighbors Helping Neighbors initiative."
Mayor Libby Schaaf, Oakland, CA
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