Chief Service Officer Leadership Initiative

Detroit Neighborhood Revitalization Project

Chief Service Officer Cohort

Based on several years of testing approaches, Cities of Service has identified the greatest indicator of successful citizen engagement in a city to be the presence of a strong leader. Specifically, this strong leader – called the Chief Service Officer – is a senior level administration staff member who plans, directs, coordinates, and evaluates the implementation of comprehensive, citywide service plans that engage citizen volunteers in communities where they can have significant impact. 

Made possible with $450,000 in support from JPMorgan Chase, Cities of Service is establishing a new cohort of Chief Service Officers in three major US cities. After a competitive application process, Cities of Service chose Miami, Phoenix, and Detroit to participate in the Chief Service Officer Leadership Initiative, each receiving up to $100,000 in grant funding along with consulting services and other support from Cities of Service. The selected Chief Service Officers for each city are: Michael Hammett in Phoenix, Victoria Kovari in Detroit, and Raul Hernandez in Miami. 

The Chief Service Officer role is a champion for citizen volunteers, a voice for the mayor, a partner to city agencies, and a conduit for businesses and community groups. It is instrumental in building the city’s capacity to address its most pressing challenges. 

“We thank Cities of Service for its commitment to helping Detroit meet its challenges. This grant, made possible with support from JPMorgan Chase, will go a long way to helping our citizens get more engaged, leading to stronger neighborhoods and a more active community.”
Mayor Michael E. Duggan, Detroit, MI
With Special Thanks to: JPMorgan Chase

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