Flint, MI Service Plan

Service Plans

Flint, MI Service Plan

Flint’s vision for volunteer service is an engaged community wherein community residents, organizations and partners embrace the notion that sustaining a safe and healthy community is everyone’s responsibility. The plan’s goal is to institutionalize a culture of volunteerism and service to complement existing resources available to the City of Flint for neighborhood revitalization.


The objectives are to:

1. Create a sustainable infrastructure to support a culture of service.

2. Revitalize neighborhoods to be safe and healthy one block at a time.

3. Strengthen Flint’s resilience and emergency preparedness

4. Develop and implement practices to recognize volunteer service efforts.


Strategies for achieving these objectives include:

• Establishing a sustainable full-time Chief Service Officer position as part of the Mayor’s senior staff

• Working collaboratively with local, state and national partners to maximize available resources

• Enhancing community-based organizing efforts to strengthen block clubs, and other neighborhood organizations, associations and crime watch groups

• Developing a collaborative strategy with other service stakeholders for recruiting, retaining and utilizing volunteers

• Promoting service as a core part of what it means to be a citizen in Flint


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