Hayward, CA

Hayward, CA

Hayward, California is referred to as “The Heart of the Bay,” and Hayward’s volunteers are the “Heart of the City.” Hundreds of volunteers are recruited from all over the City, from diverse backgrounds, and offer skills to their community to support Hayward’s high impact initiatives. Through former Mayor Michael Sweeney and current Mayor Barbara Halliday’s leadership in pursuing educational programs to support Hayward’s citizens, the City has positively impacted the academic performance of thousands of Hayward students.

Hayward’s Cities of Service After-School Homework Support Center initiative builds upon and strengthens the City’s collaborative relationship efforts with Hayward Unified School District, Chabot Community College, and California State University, East Bay in the multi-year Hayward Promise Neighborhood initiative. Local Hayward college students are volunteering in the City’s high-tech Homework Support Centers located throughout Hayward Unified School District, which offer students 1:1 and small group tutoring services, access to laptop computers, printing, and WiFi, as well as necessary homework supplies, resources, and learning manipulatives. Volunteer tutors gain real-world experiences that help them to further develop their own communication, writing, interpersonal skills, social/civic responsibility, and in many cases, enhance their understanding of their major/and or career choices. It is a reciprocal relationship where all participants learn together, develop community, and create a positive school climate. It also increases the quality of life for the youth, families, and students of Hayward.

Learn more about Hayward at hayward-ca.gov.

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After-School Homework Support Center Initiative

Through the Cities of Service After-School Homework Support Center initiative, 23 college students from Chabot Community College and California State University, East Bay, have been recruited from STEM and MESA programs and are supporting 284 students with all of their homework and academic needs at two local elementary schools. Students successfully completed their homework each and every day and are doing better academically. 71% of students who attended the After-School Homework Support Center thirty times, improved on their mathematics assessments by 10% or better, and of that population, 70% improved on their reading assessments by 10 % or better. Our college tutors have learned more about the community which they live and work in, and gained valuable work experience, that in many instances have influenced their majors and career choices. The program has been so successful that local institutions of higher learning are offering paid internships for students to continue to tutor in the City’s After-School Homework Support Centers. This program is an excellent example of how high alignment of key community partner services can make a collective impact in a community!

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