Kirklees, UK

Kirklees, UK

Kirklees joined the Cities of Service coalition in 2014. The support of the city’s Chief Executive Adrian Lythgo and Ambassador Councillor Jean Calvert combined with the hard work of the Chief Service Officer Rachael Loftus has ensured success for Kirklees. Kirklees has commenced two initiatives: one to tackle loneliness in the city’s older population, and one to mentor young men who lack positive role models. The Kirklees team aims to unlock the power of the community’s everyday actions to make the city a better place to live.

These initiatives are just the start. Kirklees is thrilled to be part of the first wave of Cities of Service in the UK and is confident in their ability to innovate, measure and lead on mobilizing people across Kirklees to say: “I’m in.”

Connect with Kirklees through their volunteering website or on Twitter @ImInKirklees.

For more information, visit the city's website.

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Out and About Initiative

The Out and About initiative tackles loneliness in the city’s older population. Volunteers work with older people to connect them with activities that keep them both physically and mentally stimulated, to expand their social circles, and to work out the transport logistics that enable them to get out and about.

1 in 5
Kirklees residents over 65 report feeling lonely some or most of the time.
"I am genuinely delighted to welcome Cities of Service to Kirklees. It’s coming at a really crucial time for us, when we are trying to shape and develop new responses to our challenges and I think we will be able to learn a great deal from the other Cities of Service around the globe."
Adrian Lythgo, Chief Executive, Kirklees Council

Education and Youth


Through the MENtors initiative, volunteers will mentor young men who seek positive role models and guidance. Volunteer mentors guide the young men to take positive steps toward building life skills and to plan for a successful future.

how many times more likely young men are to be involved in criminal activity than young women in Kirklees.
"I am both personally and professionally committed to Kirklees being a part of the Cities of Service movement and lend it my wholehearted support…I’m in."
Adrian Lythgo, Chief Executive, Kirklees Council

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