Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR

Little Rock has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2010, when Mayor Mark Stodola signed the declaration and committed to hiring a chief service officer. Thanks to the mayor’s leadership and chief service officer’s hard work, Little Rock volunteers have made a deep impact in a number of areas including neighborhood revitalization, environmental sustainability and health. Supported by generous local partners, volunteers have restored parks, reduced blight, and tackled the issue of childhood obesity.

To learn more about the great work being done in Little Rock, please read the city's service plan, Little Rock Serves: Hearts Stimulated to Serve and visit the city's website.

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Chief Service Officer

Michael Drake

In Little Rock, Chief Service Officer Michael Drake provides guidance to mayoral-identified pressing community initiatives such as childhood obesity, neighborhood stabilization, and environmental stewardship. Through Drake’s work, thousands of students and their families have become more physically active, gained an understanding of healthy eating, and learned how to grow their own produce.


Love Your School

Through the Love Your School initiative, Little Rock provides elementary school children with increased opportunities to be physically active, learn about healthy eating, and grow their own fruits and vegetables in over 300 raised bed gardens distributed across the campuses of seven partner schools. The initiative also provides parents with healthy cooking lessons and engages residents in surrounding neighborhood in leading active lifestyles and healthy eating initiatives.

"This game-changing approach of using citizen volunteers to implement focused strategies that target pressing community needs has brought exciting and transformative change to Little Rock."
Mayor Mark Stodola

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