Love Your Block


Love Your Block

Well-tended public spaces help create sustainable cities and prevent crime. The Cities of Service Love Your Block Bluperint helps residents revitalize their neighborhoods, one block at a time.



Well-tended public spaces create a better quality of life that attracts tax-paying businesses and residents to communities. Engaged communities are far less likely to let their neighborhoods fall into poor conditions and can act as a powerful force in preventing crime.

Required Elements

To ensure success, the mayor’s office raises money to provide small grants to community groups for supplies and coordinates with city agencies to identify a menu of services that can supplement volunteer efforts at the neighborhood level. The mayor’s office publicizes and awards grants to community groups and coordinates city services as requested by the grantees to support the local volunteer effort.

Executing The Plan

The mayor’s office consults with city agencies to develop a menu of city services to complement the volunteer efforts that can be offered to grantees to improve the physical conditions of blocks. City services can include trash collection for block projects, repairing damaged or missing street signage or broken street lights.

Measuring Impact

Collecting data on the impact of each Love Your Block project is critical. Required metrics include square feet of graffiti removed, pounds of litter collected, number of trees planted, and number of green spaces or community gardens created. 

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