Minot, ND

Minot, ND

Minot has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2015, when Mayor Chuck Barney signed the Declaration of Service and committed to implementing impact volunteering initiatives. Under the mayor and city manager's leadership and the project team’s hard work, Minot is leveraging volunteers to make a real impact in improving resilience. The city has already been effective at using volunteers to solve pressing problems: for example, in 2014, city staff successfully recruited resident volunteers to clean up trash and debris at properties blighted by flood damage.

Minot is one of the ten cities to take part in the Resilience AmeriCorps program. The city will receive human capital, financial, and technical support to develop environmental and social resilience in low-income communities.

To learn more about the great work taking place in Minot, visit minotnd.org.

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Resilience AmeriCorps

Minot's key resilience threats include future flooding (due to increased precipitation resulting from climate change); blight (nearly 150 structures remain blighted as a result of the Mouse River Flood in 2011, which affects safety and livability); and the threat of a fire or explosion associated with the transit of HAZMATs through the community by rail.

The City of Minot will aim to tackle these problems with impact volunteering projects through the Resilience AmeriCorps program. Strategies may include fostering a resilience mindset in the city by reaching out to community groups, citizens and people working in city government and incorporating “resilience thinking” into government decision-making processes to ensure investments are strategic and create multiple benefits.

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