Nashville-Davidson County, TN Service Plan

Service Plans

Nashville-Davidson County, TN Service Plan

Nashville’s comprehensive strategic plan, entitled “Impact Nashville”, seeks to leverage local human, institutional, and cultural capital through impactful volunteerism directed towards two of the mayor’s top priorities: Public education and the environment. With measurable outcomes in each of these areas and with Impact Nashville promoting service as a core community responsibility, the standards of volunteerism across the public and private sectors will be further raised.

Priority Areas:

Education                                                                                                    Mayor Dean plans to utilize volunteers to focus on the highest need areas in our public schools. One of these areas is literacy.   

Environmental Education and Impact                                                        First, through the flood recovery efforts, Impact Nashville will utilize volunteers to work one- on-one with flood victims in the rebuild. Second, through an incentive program, trained volunteers will educate and register homeowners to integrate energy efficiency and behavioral changes into their homes and lives.


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