New York, NY Service Plan

Service Plans

New York, NY Service Plan

NYC Service aims to make New York City the easiest city in the nation in which to serve. It will unleash the spirit of service
throughout the five boroughs by encouraging and empowering New Yorkers of every age to contribute to the health and well–being of their neighbors, and their neighborhoods. NYC Service will set a new standard for community involvement in tackling the city’s toughest problems, and it will promote service as a core part of what it means to be a citizen of the greatest city in the world. Its nearly 40 initiatives build on the long tradition of volunteerism in New York City established by settlement houses, faith organizations and a wide range of other non-profit organizations that contribute so much to the life and health of our City. NYC Service also introduces the concept of “Impact Volunteering” –volunteer strategies that target community needs, use best practices, and set clear out-comes and measures to gauge progress.

NYC Service initiatives fall into five categories:

1. Help more New Yorkers connect to service
opportunities more easily

2. Create or elevate volunteer opportunities
that address the City’s most urgent needs

3. Support nonprofits and public agencies                                                  to use more volunteers, and do so                                                         more effectively and strategically

4. Promote service as a core part of what it
means to be a citizen of the greatest city in
the world

5. Measure progress against clear goals;
create accountability for results


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