Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ

The City of Newark has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since February 2017 when Mayor Ras Baraka signed the Declaration of Service. Newark is one of seven cities in the Prepared Together Program.

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Preparedness and Safety

Green Infrastructure

Newark Garden

Newark's land is estimated to be nearly 70% impervious surface. As a result, excessive storm water can quickly overwhelm the City's aged sewer infrastructure (as happened during Superstorm Sandy). This lack of trees and green space also results in urban heat island effect, further endangering residents. Flooding and extreme heat can both have disastrous consequences for residents during extreme weather events. Volunteers including the creative, public school, faith-based, and business communities will be recruited to help plant trees, install rain barrels, and develop cool roofs. Volunteers will also be tasked with maintaining this green infrastructure.

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