Pierre, SD Service Plan

Service Plans

Pierre, SD Service Plan

The City of Pierre developed an impact service strategy to address the community’s most pressing challenges. Stakeholders representing a broad spectrum of the community met in October to discuss potential projects. The group unanimously agreed that replanting trees and other vegetation was a priority need in Pierre. The group also agreed a stronger emphasis should be placed on re-vegetating private properties and even more importantly – providing the knowledge to select, plant and maintain flood-resistant species.

The initial goal will be to train 15 people to be volunteer arborists. These volunteers will work with the general population to identify areas where vegetation must be replanted and work with private landowners to ensure they are properly trained. These initial volunteers will be trained by state and local officials with strong backgrounds in forestry. The City Arbor Board and the State Forester are two potential partners in this initial training. A strong emphasis will be placed upon training young volunteers and pairing them with senior volunteers – thus, planting the seed for future volunteerism.


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