Pittsburgh, PA Service Plan

Service Plans

Pittsburgh, PA Service Plan

The City of Pittsburgh’s service blueprint, servePGH, seeks to leverage local human capital through impact volunteerism directed towards two of Mayor Ravenstahl’s top priorities: neighborhood development and youth. Through an intensive landscape analysis process, a number of specific challenges facing our city were identified, and initiatives that engage citizens in the solution were developed to address them.

serve PGH Initiatives:

Love Your Block
Love Your Block is a new block revitalization
program created to provide resources
for volunteers to reduce blight and instill
neighborhood cohesion and pride.

Redd Up Zone
Redd Up Zone is a new initiative that
engages volunteers in enhancing
Pittsburgh’s quality of life and reducing
blight through coordinated litter cleanup

Snow Angels
Snow Angels is a new referral program
through which willing volunteers will
be matched with individuals in need of
assistance with shoveling their sidewalk
throughout the winter, thereby building
social capital and developing a culture of

Mayor’s Mentoring Initiative
Through the Mayor’s Mentoring Initiative,
Mayor Ravenstahl made a commitment
to Pittsburgh’s youths by enabling City
employees to serve as middle-school
mentors during the work week and
encouraging local institutions to develop
similar mentorship opportunities.

Civic Leadership Academy
In the City of Pittsburgh, many residents
participate in neighborhood revitalization
by joining community groups, starting
block watches, stewarding community
gardens, and much more. The vast majority
of these efforts are carried out by volunteers.




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