Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2010. Under Levar Stoney, Richmond's newly elected mayor, along with the hard work of Chief Service Officer (CSO) Paul Manning, Richmond is leveraging volunteerism to make real impact in neighborhood revitalization, preparedness and safety, seniors, and education and youth. 

Chief Service Officer Paul Manning said, "Cities of Service has been a great resource to me over the years in my development as the Chief Service Officer for the City of Richmond, VA. The organization and its world-class staff helped to guide me and other CSOs across the nation in fast-tracking citywide service plans that were comprehensive, collaborative, and outcomes-based." 

To learn more about the great work being done in Richmond, visit their Neighbor to Neighbor website, or follow them on Twitter at @CityRichmondVA.

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Chief Service Officer

Paul Manning

In Richmond, Chief Service Officer Paul Manning increases the quality of life for all Richmond residents through Richmond’s citywide plan to leverage volunteering. Through Manning’s efforts, thousands of local community members have become better prepared for emergencies and are now certified in CPR.

Preparedness and Safety

Volunteer CPR

Through Volunteer CPR, the City of Richmond has trained 2,000 low-income volunteers in Hands-Only CPR; qualified medical professionals train the volunteers. In turn, those volunteers committed to training 4,500 others – friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members – in the life-saving procedure. Through this work, Richmond has dramatically increased the number of CPR-trained residents and the community’s ability to respond to sudden cardiac emergencies.

"From the investment of personal coaching, peer-to-peer learning (i.e., group calls and webinars), and the power of solid impact service blueprints, the value of Cities of Service in helping cities stand-up and/or mature their impact volunteerism efforts is tremendous."
Chief Service Officer Paul Manning

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