Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Mayor Ed Murray signed the Declaration of Service in 2014, committing to leveraging resident volunteers as a key city resource. The City of Seattle has been engaging residents in Community Safety Walks to help identify safety issues present in the built environment of Seattle’s neighborhoods. These walks are part of the Mayor’s Summer of Safety Initiative – a coordinated approach to public safety that is mobilizing City of Seattle resources to improve the built environment, activate streets, and provide jobs for young adults. Seattle's Love Your Block work will capitalize on the success of these walks.

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Neighborhood Revitalization

Love Your Block

Mayor Ed Murray will build on his office’s “community walks,” during which City of Seattle personnel identify local problems, by using Love Your Block programming to engage residents in improving quality of life in low-income neighborhoods. Seattle will drive community participation in coordinated revitalization and city maintenance efforts, and organize “Neighborhood Action Teams” comprised of Chambers of Commerce leaders, neighborhood associations, community centers, and residents in select neighborhoods where at least 30% of households fall below the poverty line, and are subject to disproportionate crime and violence.

“In order to become a high-impact and sustainable model of neighborhood revitalization, our Find It, Fix It Community Walks need to serve not just as a focusing principle for city services, they must also become a catalyst for ongoing neighborhood engagement. This partnership with Cities of Service will help make this vision reality.”
Mayor Ed Murray

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