Cities of Service Impact Volunteering Fund

The Cities of Service Impact Volunteering Fund is a multi-million dollar fund administered by Cities of Service and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies to help cities use impact volunteering to tackle pressing local challenges. Grant sizes range from $25,000 to $100,000 with larger amounts reserved for cities with multiple initiatives.

This year’s application period has ended.

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Overview: Request for Proposals

Request for ProposalsRequest for Proposals

This document contains a full, detailed, description of the Cities of Service Impact Volunteering Fund along with our goals and expectations for the program and prospective grant recipients. Please review this document in its entirety before you begin the application process.

Application documents

Initiative TemplateInitiative Template

This document is the core part of the full application. Cities submitting an application for multiple initiatives must complete this template online for each of their initiatives. The online form will only be made available to eligible cities that have been confirmed to apply after submitting their online Verification of Eligibility. A member of your city’s mayor’s office must submit all online Initiative Templates.

Sample Completed Initiative TemplatesSample Completed Initiative Templates

These documents provide sample answers for two Initiative Templates. While the templates can be completed in various ways depending on the type of initiative, these should give you a feel for the level of detail and information that we’re looking for. Please treat these only as examples.